Is Zoom taking its toll on your voice?

26 Feb

If, like me, you're spending a lot of time working and speaking online, you're perhaps finding it draining and even damaging to your health. Poor posture, lack of movement, fresh air and vocal strain can all contribute to a general feeling of malaise. Beyond the key advice  to optimise your home working environment with a decent chair and desk, take scheduled breaks and don't forget to stretch out whenever possible, I want to focus on tips for your vocal health. Many clients are reporting vocal exhaustion and hoaresness after speaking online, so these pointers should help.

1. Prepare to use your voice by warming it up  - all my pupils will know how to do this!

2. Prepare to speak by also activating the facial mask, especially its muscles . Yawn , gurn and try some easy tongue twisters to develop tyour artclation 

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