How do I find out more?

Simply give me a call on 07792 309992, drop me an email to or use the 'Contact' form on this website.

Do you offer speech & drama classes?

No, sorry, classes are not offered. Instead, I offer 1:1, 2:1 or small group tuition to ensure personalised attention and rapid progress. 

What are your charges for Speech & Drama lessons?

  • For students in the UK 1:1 private lessons fees are £20 per 30 minutes/£30 per 45 minutes /£40 per 60 minutes.
  • 2 people can share a lesson, at a total fee of £50 per hour or £25 per 30 minutes.
  • For groups of 3 and above please contact me for a quotation .
  • Fees for overseas students are agreed individually.
  • Fees can be paid by cash or via online banking. These are due at the time of the lesson, except for online tuition when fees should be paid 24 hours in advance of the lesson.
  • Lessons can be taken in person (in Lancaster) or online, so your location in the UK or overseas is no barrier.
  • You can start lessons at any time of the year. We simply agree a mutually convenient time and off we go. 
  • There is no need to book a course or minimum number of lessons.

Do you charge termly?

No, there are no termly or up-front fees. Lessons are paid for on the day they are taken, except for online lessons which must be paid for 24 hours in advance.

What's the minimum age for children to start speech & drama lessons?

Children can start lessons from 5 years old. 

Do you teach adults?

Yes! Adults are very welcome.

In fact, adults comprise about half of my work, with pupils ranging from absolute beginners to professional performers or teachers. They span an impressive age range, 18-70+ years, so age is absolutely no barrier to speech and drama work. Moreover, it's a great way to keep mentally and physically fit since it stresses the importance of correct breathing , relaxation, imagination and creativity. Plus, it's great fun; lessons are always relaxed and with plenty of laughs.


Can I obtain qualifications in speech and drama?

  • Yes, you can opt to take graded exams in a range of subjects such as Acting, Speaking Verse & Prose, Public Speaking, Devised Drama and Mime. While most pupils enjoy the ladder of progression and sense of achievement provided by these exams, they are, however, entirely optional.

  • These Ofqual-regulated exams, similar to those available in music and dance, can be taken with LAMDA, the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art ( or the London College of Music ( If you have a particular interest in performing Shakespeare, the RADA Shakespeare Awards, from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (, are also available. 

  • Success at Grades 6,7 & 8 attract UCAS points which are a useful supplement to those gained from A level/ BTEC etc. qualifications. For example, Distinctions at Grade 6, 7 & 8 are worth 12, 16 & 30 UCAS points respectively.

  • Beyond Grade 8, you can progress to diploma examinations in Performance and/or Teaching pathways, such as the level 4 ALCM diploma (Associate, London College of Music), the level 6 LLCM diploma (Licentiate, London College of Music) diploma or the level 7 FLCM diploma (Fellowship, London College of Music). These qualifications sit on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF); level 4 is equivalent in demand to a first year undergraduate degree; level 6 equates to a third year undergraduate degree; level 7 is comparable with a Masters' level qualification. 

Are there any drama performance opportunities?

Yes, there are plenty of performing opportunities including:

  • auditioning for amateur dramatic groups

  • auditioning for the National Youth Theatre 

  • joining local speakers' clubs

  • entering speech and drama festivals

  • competing in debating and public speaking events

  • taking speech and drama examinations with LAMDA  (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art), LCM (London College of Music)

  • taking Shakespeare exams with RADA ( Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) .

  • joining an agency for actors. We have close links with leading agencies in the North West and in London and can advise accordingly. 

  • If you also enjoy dancing or fancy learning to dance, why not get in touch with Alison? She offers a full range of classes and lessons in Ballroom, Latin-American, Sequence, Ballet, Tap etc for beginners, improvers and advanced dancers. Tel 07811 239780 or email her at for full details. 

What are your terms and conditions?

Prior to starting tuition please read the following Terms and Conditions. These will also be sent to you by email, along with a Registration Form which should be completed and returned before your first lesson. If any details subsequently change, such as emergency contact information, please inform me. Thank you.

Terms & Conditions

  • Fees for 1:1 tuition are calculated at £40 per hour or £20 per half hour. Fees may be adjusted from time to time and will become effective after having given seven days’ notice.
  • Fees must be paid on completion of each in person lesson and can be settled by cash or online banking. Online tuition must be paid for no later than twenty four hours in advance of the lesson. 
  • Lessons not attended or cancelled without giving minimum of 24 hours' notice will be charged at full rate. If the teacher cancels a session already paid for s/he agrees to refund the student in full or apply the payment to a future lesson, whichever the student prefers.
  • Fees are calculated according to the scheduled time agreed by the teacher and student. No adjustment to fees shall be made for time lost because of late arrival by the student or early termination of a session by a student. Any time lost because of the late arrival of the teacher shall be remedied by extending a lesson or by a fee adjustment, whichever the student prefers.
  • The teacher will undertake all necessary administration (e.g. examination/festival entries/references etc) and lesson preparation in a timely and efficient manner. No extra charges will be made for this.
  • Student data is stored securely and a copy of our Privacy Policy, compliant with GDPR, is available on request.
  • The student agrees to provide some of their their own materials needed for each lesson (e.g. paper, pens, files, folders etc).Set repertoire for examinations such as drama monologues, poems and prose extracts will be supplied by the teacher at no extra charge; own choice material may be supplied by student or teacher. 
  • The student agrees that assignments, exercises or homework ( such as memorising lines) form an integral part of learning and undertake to complete such work timeously.
  • This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time by giving the other party seven days’ oral or written notice.
  • Where the student is a legal minor, the parent/guardian/carer shall enter into this tutoring agreement on behalf of the student and shall accept and agree to all the terms and conditions contained herein on behalf of the student.

What if I need to cancel a lesson?

Please cancel a lesson by text or phone call (07792 309992) giving at least 24 hours notice, in which case no fee is payable. However, lessons cancelled without such notice will be chargeable in full, unless exceptional circumstance prevail.

What are your charges for business coaching and workshops?

As these services are usually bespoke, please contact me (07792 309992 or ) to discuss your specific requirements and for a quotation.